Fill Your Glass: $TIPSY Token Is Changing the Meme Coin Atmosphere

3 min readApr 23, 2021

$TIPSY is a new type of ERC-20 token similar to DOGEcoin and SAFEMOON but with more community oriented token metrics. It is driven by the love of networking and partying with community instead of the love for a specific dog. Recently DOGEcoin has made the news and attracted volume to animal meme coins whose communities come together to #HODL.

$TIPSY is the Social ERC-20 Party Token

Where Can I Get $TIPSY?

There is no ICO or whitelist for $TIPSY Token. The supply will be deployed into the Ethereum blockchain on May 4th. We will then release the $TIPSY smart contract address and the party will start! Right after $TIPSY is deployed 95% of the liquidity will be locked.

Who Owns $TIPSY?

No single person owns $TIPSY Token, it is completely community owned by anyone who has the token. The tokenomics were designed for $TIPSY to be evenly distributed so no single wallet has the ability to crash the party. The team developers have come together to launch the project for the potential of growing a social community around the love of partying.

Just like DOGEcoin this token is unique because its driven on the trust of the community around the coin not a business or business plan. The 5% of supply allocated for development (and burning), will be locked in a developer wallet to use as the community requests. The $TIPSY team chose this amount because it is enough to help the party without creating fear of one wallet holding too many tokens, while projects like SAFEMOON have bigger developer wallets held for this purpose.

Fill your glass and get $TIPSY

What is #HODL?

$TIPSY Token’s growth as a community relies on its ability to hold the coin as a group. As an incentive, the $TIPSY Token smart contract provides incentives to stay in the party. The community is equally rewarded 3% of every $TIPSY transaction for staying in the party and holding.

This is not a real $TIPSY Holder Wallet

Many coins launch but few succeed because of their lack of community, fear of rug pulls and scams. Unlike many DeFi tokenomics the $TIPSY team has rolled out their metrics to be for the people, burning up to 5%* in “Champagne Showers” to the Ethereum network over the first 2 months. Liquidity will be locked to ensure the party keeps going.

Does the $TIPSY Team Have Plans to Expand?

$TIPSY is a community driven token whose plans will develop as the community grows. As of Q2 2021 $TIPSY Token has no real function other than for social purposes, but the team has ambitions to build an ecosystem around it.

The developers are also holders of $TIPSY Token which gives them a significant incentive to help the community grow. 5%* of the $TISPY supply has been allocated to development of the community, which will be used for future listings and innovation. These allocated tokens may also be used to burn upon popular demand from the community as the $TIPSY party reaches milestones.

Stay tuned for more announcements on $TIPSY as it gets closer to going live.

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