$TIPSY Tokenomics: Inside of the Bottle

As $TIPSY Token nears its fair launch, here’s a breakdown of the token metrics behind the social ERC-20 party meme token.

100Q Maximum Supply and 95% Liquidity Locked

The Supply

$TIPSY Token is launching with a maximum supply of 100 Quadrillion tokens in circulation. There will be no ICO or whitelist, the token will be minted as a fair launch to make plenty of room for everyone to get $TIPSY. This supply was chosen based on similar community token projects that have built strong communities.

Liquidity Pool

$TIPSY Token locked 95% of $TIPSY liquidity on Uniswap and burned the keys to it to reassure our community cannot be liquidated.

Champagne Showers

As $TIPSY hits milestones we’ve implemented “champagne shower” virtual events where we will send a percentage of our allocated 5% of development towards community token burns. We will do these over the course of the first two months of $TIPSY as a fun way to celebrate our time together as a community. The team will assess $TIPSY’s growth as it develops and get the community’s feedback on using this reserve of $TIPSY Tokens for development and promotions.

Supply Allocation For Growth

Development is important in community driven tokens like $TIPSY, that’s why we’ve allocated 5% of our total supply to this. This will primarily go towards community development, and exchange listings.

Get 3% Equally Redistributed #HODL

All active holders will receive an equally distributed 3% reward of every transaction made with $TIPSY Tokens. Get a passive reward for hanging out in the party! The more $TIPSY Tokens you have, the more of the 3% your wallet will be distributed per transaction.

How to buy $TIPSY on Uniswap

Stay tuned for more announcements on $TIPSY as it gets closer to going live.

Follow $TIPSY on Twitter @TIPSY_TOKEN and Join the Party on Telegram t.me/TipsyToken.

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The Social ERC-20 Party Token